Photography  Akos Major

It wasn’t long after completing a degree in commerce and marketing that I realised my potential and passion for creative pursuits wasn’t something that was going to go away. So with that in mind I retrained to become a visual merchandiser and in more recent times I've branched out into graphic and surface pattern design.

Although I gravitate towards strong, bold geometric shapes I also like to work with hand drawn, fluid, or organic shapes.  I’m inspired by the things I see around me every day. My process usually begins by sketching or painting the things that inspire me most. I then import these into the computer where I further experiment and refine. I have quite wide and varied tastes. My work is available for licensing or to buy outright, and I'm always open to discuss commissions and possible collaborations. Just email me at

I'm also part of the wonderful Four Corners Art Collective, an international collective of surface pattern designers and artists from the USA, UK, France and Australia.

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